100+ swipe-worthy slides include: 

Every single thing you need to build an amazing social media strategy:

  • Audit overview slides
  • Brand overview slides
  • Goal slides
  • Audience analysis slides
  • Channel role & frequency slides
  • Content blueprint slides
  • Creative concept slides
  • Community management slides
  • Voice & tone slides 
  • Paid media planning slides
  • Influencer planning slides
  • Division of responsibility slides
  • Measurement slides

And believe it or not...a whole lot more.

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Perfect for:

βœ“ Agencies selling strategy services

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Everything you need in a social media strategy deck.

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From the way they lay out the information in their decks to the way they format solutions in crawl/walk/run stages, everything was communicated clearly.

Winona Dimeo-Ediger Editor-in-Chief,



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If this is worth so much, why sell it? 

We've spent nearly a decade building social media strategy presentations, and in that time we've worked with less than 200 companies. A quarter of our site visitors are agencies/consultants, and half are too small to hire us.

This deck is for the DIY marketer who wants to save 10+ hours assembling a great framework without hiring us to fill it in.

How is the template delivered?

Social media strategies display best as slide presentations (in our experience). The template will be presented as a copy/paste Google Slides deck so we can update it over time. All of the content can be transferred to a text document, too, if that's your preference.